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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

What are Drop Shipping Wholesalers?

Drop Shipping Wholesalers are businesses that specialize in identifying the best products for the market. They take risks when they purchase inventory in bulk, counting on their keen ability to recognize consumer trends. These companies are focused on the purchase side, and leverage the abilities of others, dropshipping resellers, to get the product sold. Drop Shipping wholesalers are experts a warehousing and shipping. So, when one of their dropship resellers places an order for a customer, that order is immediately picked, packed, and shipped.


What are Dropshipping Resellers?

A dropshipping reseller is a business that often represents a wider variety of products than it could afford to keep available in physical inventory. These businesses recognize that customers want choice. By partnering with one or more dropship companies, they can offer their customers exceptional variety, deliver directly to the customer, quickly, and pay for inventory only when purchased - maximizing profit and minimizing risk.

How to become a Dealer?

We recommend that you first read our Dealer Requirements, this will give you a better idea of what we are expecting out of a Redcat Racing dealer. Then, get started by completing the "Get Started Today!" form below.

What's the biggest challenge for a Redcat Racing Reseller Business?

Finding time to enjoy your own collection of RC Cars! Honestly, the biggest challenge continues to be marketing your own business. Once they've found you and see Redcat Racing among your product lines, sales will happen. We often take a look at the marketing plans for potential dealers, making suggestions for improvement based on what we've seen working in the marketplace.

How is Redcat Racing different from other Dropship Companies selling wholesale toys?

Redcat Racing doesn't just offer a line of RC Cars - it offers a strong brand. Each product carries the Redcat Racing Logo, unlike other dropshipping wholesale companies that provide an off-brand or non-branded product. We've worked really hard to establish a brand that people will recognize as a quality RC Car. We also don't compete with our dealers. We do sell our product, but never below our suggested sales price. That give you the freedom to compete on price without worrying about us getting between you and your customer.