Dealer Requirements
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Dealer Requirements

  • You recognize the growth potential of the RC Car market, and want to be a part of it.
  • You like RC Cars. You already own one or two. You've spent time driving one and understand that they're not just fun for kids - RC Cars are fun for everyone. When you talk to customers about RC Cars, you'll speak from experience. You'll be authentic and enthusiastic! 
  • You would enjoy attending RC Car trade shows, learning about new products, and interacting with enthusiasts.
  • You already have a successful business where you sell products manufactured by others, drop-shipped directly to your customer. You're familiar with the process and like the model: large inventory choice for your customers without the cost of inventory.
  • Your business is a Hobby Supply, Hobby Shop, Flea Market, Retail Kiosk, or Ecommerce Website (heck, you might even be a buyer for a company looking to add alternate merchandise to your in-store sales cases). If you already have experience selling through these channels, you'll most likely be successful with the Redcat Racing line of quality RC cars.