ZenBlue CBF-350B Mechanical and Biological Filter for Ponds, 3170-Gallon

  • Maximum Flow Rate of 3170GPH
  • Requires Pump with Minimum Output of 1190GPH
  • Suitable for Ponds with Heavy Stock Koi up to 1700 Gallons
  • Suitable for Ponds with Small Mix of Fish and Koi up to 2350 Gallons
  • 1 Year Warranty

The ZenBlue CBF-350B is a complete mechanical & biological pond filter. The simple yet efficient design allows for pond water to flow through the included Japanese style matting at eight different sections. Pond debris, dirt and pond scum is collected and is easily cleanable. You can add your own biological media for biological filtering, such as bio balls, carbon or ceramic rings to help with filtration even further. The CBF-350B requires an appropriate pond pump which is not included. The ZenBlue CBF-350B includes two connectable filter boxes with clip on lids, 2 Japanese style matting, 4 blue coarse grade foams, 4 yellow fine grade foams, water level indicator built into the lid and waste pipe. You can easily attach the option ultraviolet sterilizer for algae control.
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