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Redcat LRH285 RC Chassis - 1:10 Hopping Lowrider - No Body

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Redcat LRH285 RC Car - 1:10 Hopping Lowrider - No Body.

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  • Redcat LRH285 RC Chassis - 1:10 Hopping Lowrider - No Body

Redcat LRH285 RC Chassis (Body NOT Included) - Fully Functional Hopping Lowrider Chassis!

These LRH285 Chassis are from one of the first shipments of SixtyFours received. There were issues with the bodies and the bodies have been removed. Since these chassis are from an early shipment of SixtyFours, they do not include the toe in correction parts installed on the chassis. We have included the toe in parts in the box for user assembly. Limited quantities available.

Expertly designed and engineered, the Redcat LRH285 RC Lowrider Hopping Chassis is a fully-functioning 1:10 scale Remote Control Chassis. The LRH285 was designed from the ground up with the lowrider, auto enthusiast and R/C scaler communities in mind.

This chassis is loaded with details, to include the chassis frame, faux transmission and functional solid rear axle with removable differential cover.

The LRH285 is designed for slow cruising and performing tricks that you can only do with special "hydraulically" actuated suspensions.



Vehicle Features



  • The LRH285 - Lowrider Hopping Chassis does not include a body.
  • Scale 14 inch spoked wheels



Mechanical Features



  • Patented vehicle hopping system – U.S. Patent No. 11,083,973
  • Real-time adjustable ride height
  • Ultra fast custom made REEFS RC Hopping Servo
  • Two 25KG rear axle height adjustment servos



Radio Features



  • 6-Channel LR6X Radio control with lowrider style switches
  • Individual switches for each of the 3 height adjustment servos
  • Momentary switches for raising either the front or rear to max ride height / hopping
  • Momentary buttons for lowering either the front or rear to minimum ride height
  • Redcat SixtyFour - Radio Firmware Update Instructions



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Tech Specs

Vehicle Scale



Forward & Reverse


519mm (20.5")


223mm (9.2")


145mm (5.7")

Servo Type

4 Servos - Reefs Hopping Servo - Two Rear Lifting Servos - 1 Steering Servo


287mm (11.3")

Chassis Type


Speed Control Type

40a Brushed ESC with 5a 7.4v BEC

Radio System

Custom Designed LR6X - 6-Channel Radio with Lowrider Controls


3800mAh NIMH with USB Charger

Needed to Run

4 AA Batteries for Radio