Lifetime Nitro Engine Replacement Program

Redcat Racing has one of the best nitro engine replacement programs in the industry.

For as long as you own your vehicle, Redcat will replace your nitro engine no matter what happens to it. Burn it up, wear it out or beat it with a sledge hammer, Redcat will replace it for same or upgraded motor for only 1/2 of the retail price of the replacement motor you want to buy.

All engines must be returned to Redcat complete and will be exchanged with no questions asked. You must include the head, carburetor, backplate, pull start and all internal engine components.

When we receive the engine, we will quickly ship you the engine of your choice at 1/2 the regular Redcat internet price on the new engine. You will also need to pay regular shipping rates on the new engine.

To get a replacement engine, simply follow the steps below.

1. Ship your engine to Redcat Racing; 3145 E Washington St Street; Phoenix, Arizona 85034

2. Personal Shipping Information. Include with your return: Your name; Shipping Address; Telephone Number; Email Address;

3. Original Invoice: Include a copy of your original invoice or packing slip included with the return. Invoice can be from Redcat Racing or one of Redcat Racing's authorized dealers.

4. Payment: Include with the return exactly 1/2 the listed price of the engine you would like to receive PLUS $8.75 shipping. Please include the part number you are purchasing with payment.

5. Payment Terms: With your return please include with your personal information a Credit Card Number, Credit Card Type (Visa/MasterCard/Discover), Credit Card Expiration Date and 3 digit security code so that we can process your order.

When we receive the engine, we will quickly send you the brand new replacement engine. You will receive an email with your invoice & tracking number when we ship.


Simply email if you have any questions at all.