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Li-ion Battery (7.4V,800mAH) with mini Tamiya connector



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800mAh 7.4V Li-Ion Battery with mini Tamiya connector for use with the Volcano-18 V2 ONLY

Make sure to be VERY aware of the low-voltage warning built into the electronics of your Volcano-18. After using your fully charged battery for a little while (typically 10-20 minutes of constant driving), you will notice your vehicle will lose throttle control for around 5 seconds. This is the Volcano-18 warning you that the battery is drained and needs to be recharged. The second you experience this, be sure to discontinue using your vehicle, remove your battery, let it cool down and then and plug it back into your charger.

Failure to follow the above directions may result in your battery being drained too low, in which your charger will no longer be able to charge the battery. If for some reason you didn't recognize the loss of throttle control and you begin to notice your vehicle slowing down at all, discontinue use immediately and put your battery back on the charger once it cools down. Batteries that are drained too far down are NOT covered under warranty.