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Gen8 Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit



The Gen8 is Redcat’s first vehicle to be completely designed and developed, in house, in the United States. The Gen8 has rapidly taken the RC marketplace by storm. What about those who want to use the Gen8 chassis, but would rather install their own electronics, body, wheels, and tires? That's where the Gen8 PACK comes into play.

With custom builders making up a large percentage of the RC crawler community, We wanted to offer something this community could really get excited about. We at Redcat are now offering the Gen8 P-A-C-K (Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit), for those who want to run the Gen8 chassis with their own choice of electronics, wheels, tires, and body. The Gen8 PACK already includes many of the features custom builders look for, and is ready to be transformed into a high performance, one of a kind, custom rig.

The Gen8 PACK uses the same chassis that makes the Gen8 International® Scout II RTR vehicle so great. The Gen8 PACK is a highly competitive professional rock crawler chassis that includes many high performance design features, such as: C-channel frame rails, low center of gravity battery tray, centrally mounted divorced transfer case, lockable slipper clutch, portal axles with metal gear covers, MOD-1 gears, machined aluminum spools, front CVAs, 32 rubber-sealed ball bearings, threaded aluminum shocks, 47º steering blocks with proper Ackerman, Panhard bar, LED-ready bumpers, winch-ready front bumper, and frame mounted floor pans.

The Gen8 PACK uses portal axles with 47º of steering to help the vehicle maneuver tight spaces. The additional ground clearance offered by the portal axles allows the Gen8 to roll over obstacles, that might normally hang up other vehicles with traditional axles.

  • • Portal axles, Divorced transfer case, High strength 1.5mm C-Channel chassis rails, 4-Link suspension, Aluminum threaded shocks, Functional 1.9 beadlock wheels, CNC machined spools, Metal wheel hexes, Rubber sealed ball bearings throughout, 47º precision steering, Panhard bar, Front of chassis motor mounting location (motor not included), Shackle mount bumpers (LED ready), Plastic floor pan.
  • • Adjustable wheel base, Adjustable ride height, Adjustable toe angle, Multiple shock positions, Adjustable approach and departure angle, Tunable suspension, Lockable adjustable slipper clutch, Many upgraded parts available, Many 3D printable parts available.
  • • Build it the way you want it, Choose your own body, Choose you own wheels/tires, Choose you own radio system, Choose you own steering servo, Choose you own motor and ESC, Choose you own battery.
  • • Requires: Motor, ESC, steering servo, Radio system, Battery, Body, Wheels, Tires.
Tech Specs

Vehicle Scale



The Gen8 PACK comes fully assembled and is ready for your own body, wheels, tires, and electronics.  Many scale crawler enthusiasts modify their rigs right from the start and choose their own specific brand of electronics, their desired body and more.  What better way to customers the rig you want than with a fully assembled chassis including portal axles.

Adjust the suspension with the aluminum threaded shocks.  Each corner of the chassis has 9 mounting holes to allow you to fine tune the suspension for your particular needs.


Portal axles give more ground clearance without needing bigger tires.  On the Gen8 P.A.C.K., more of the gear reduction happens in the portal axles, which means less torque twist in the body than with a traditional axle. 


Worry less with an over built transmission and transfer case featuring massive Mod 1 gears.  Designed for the worst rocks and most grueling conditions.  Sealed pinion and spur eliminates the worry of getting rocks and debris getting caught where they shouldn't and ending your day early.  Adjust your gearing to fit most motor and driving styles with easy fitment of 9T to 23T pinion gears allowing gear ratios of 28.12 to 71.85.

Innovative dual design slipper clutch.  With the Redcat Racing Gen8 P.A.C.K. you no longer have to over tighten your slipper clutch just to lock the drivetrain.  Simply remove the two slipper pads and springs and reassemble and enjoy a completely locked drivetrain.



Chassis mounted steering servo with panhard bar (*Steering servo - Not included).

Proper Ackermann steering angle - Up to 47 degree total steering angle.




Your choice of electronics, battery, radio system, wheels, tires and body.