MAP Rules
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Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Rules

UPDATED January 19th, 2015

MAP violations incur immediate dealer account suspension!

Map Violations:

Redcat Racing takes MAP guidelines very seriously and reviews online dealer websites and auction sites to ensure rules compliance. If a violation is found, your dealer account will be suspended until the violation if fixed. If your dealer account continues to have MAP violations, Redcat reserves the right to delay account reactivation until further notice and in some cases, your account could be suspended indefinitely.

Redcat Racing has updated our MAP rules. This policy supersedes all previous policies and must be followed by all dealers, wholesalers, resellers and those that advertise Redcat products on any website, publication, newspaper or other media.

Redcat Racing provides MAP requirements for each of our RTR products. Redcat does not provide MAP requirements for spare/replacement parts, and has no restrictions on what our wholesale partners advertise these items for.

Redcat Racing offers one level of MAP. Previously, there were 2 pricing levels which has been changed in order to streamline the pricing of all Redcat vehicles.

Specific MAP guidelines for website, online listings & Auctions with BUY IT NOW;

Any advertised selling price for the RTR vehicle must be MAP pricing or higher.

You may offer free shipping and/or free accessories with purchase, as long as MAP pricing for the vehicle remains in effect. For example: A Volcano S30 with Free Starter Kit and Free Shipping must have a selling price of at least current MAP for Volcano S30.


You can list an auction starting below MAP as long it is traditional auction style listing WITHOUT the Buy It Now Option.

You can start the auction at any price you want and therefore run the risk of the auction selling below your wholesale cost.

If you choose to put a reserve on the auction, the reserve price must be set at MAP or higher.

Report Map Violations:

If you see a MAP violation, please click HERE to report this violation.

The MAP prices illustrated below are for reference and may not be 100% accurate. We have modified the wholesale page to show the accurate MAP on each product as shown in the example below. 

Vehicle MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)
All websites or printed advertisements
Manufacturers Suggested
Retail Price
1/10 Scale Nitro

Lightning STR $175.99 $239.99
Shockwave $159.99 $199.99
Tornado S30 $199.99 $269.99
Vortex SS $199.99 $269.99
Volcano S30 $209.99 $279.99
Caldera 3.0 $209.99 $279.99

1/8 Scale Nitro Professional

Hurricane XTR $329.99 $419.99
Monsoon XTR $349.99 $439.99
Avalanche XTR $359.99 $449.99

1/8 Scale Nitro UltraLite

Earthquake 3.5 $269.99 $329.99
Backdraft 3.5 $249.99 $319.99
Aftershock 3.5 $259.99 $329.99

1/10 Scale Electric

Blackout XTE $129.99 $189.99
Blackout XTE Pro $199.99 $259.99
Blackout SC $129.99 $189.99
Blackout SC Pro $199.99 $259.99
Blackout XBE $139.99 $199.99
Blackout XBE Pro $209.99 $269.99
Tornado EPX PRO $199.99 $259.99
Volcano EPX $139.99 $199.99
Volcano EPX PRO $209.99 $279.99
Caldera 10E $209.99 $279.99
Caldera XB 10E $209.99 $279.99
Caldera SC 10E $209.99 $279.99
Lightning STK $129.99 $189.99
Lightning EPX PRO $199.99 $259.99
Lightning Drift $129.99 $189.99
Thunder Drift $145.99 $209.99
Sandstorm Baja Buggy $139.99 $199.99
Ground Pounder $235.99 $299.99
Terremoto-10 $259.99 $299.99

1/16 or 1/18 Scale Electric

Volcano 18 $81.99 $99.99
Tremor SG & ST Closeout as of December 23rd NO MAP NO MSRP

1/8 Scale Electric

Backdraft 8E $339.99 $409.99
Aftershock 8E $339.99 $409.99
Earthquake 8E $349.99 $419.99
Terremoto RTR Red Version $379.99 $499.99
Terremoto ARTR Blue Version $339.99 $459.99
Team Redcat TR-MT8E $439.99 $599.99

1/24 Scale SUMO Electric

Truck - Truggy Closeout as of December 23rd NO MAP NO MAP
Sumo 1/24 Crawler $95.99 $129.99

Rock Crawlers

Everest 10, 1/10 Scale Crawler $135.99 $179.99
Everest 16, 1/16 Scale Crawler $99.99 $135.99
Rockslide Super Crawler 2.4GHz $259.99 $349.99
Rockslide RS10 XT 2.4GHz Radio $165.99 $229.99
Sumo 1/24 Crawler $95.99 $129.99

1/5 Scale

Rampage MT $749.99 $859.99
Rampage MT PRO $1179.99 $1459.99
Rampage DuneRunner 4x4 $649.99 $799.99
Rampage Chimera SR $599.99 $749.99
Rampage Chimera EP PRO $699.99 $929.99
Rampage XT Truck $579.99 $699.99
Rampage XB Buggy $549.99 $679.99
Rampage XT-E Electric Truck $729.99 $949.99
Rampage XB-E Electric Buggy $699.99 $929.99
Rampage XR Gas Rally Car $559.99 $689.99
Rampage XR PRO Electric Rally Car $649.99 $929.99

Question: What happens if I find another dealer offering a Redcat product below the MAP?
Answer: Go
HERE to report the violation and we will review it and contact the dealer if there is an issue.

If you have other questions please email