Just Got a Redcat Vehicle

Just got a Redcat vehicle and you are unsure what to do next?

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What do you need for Nitro Vehicles? Your vehicle has everything you need except for the following.

Nitro Fuel - Purchase 20% nitro fuel. This can be found at most hobby shops in your area.

AA Batteries - You will need 12 AA batteries. 8 will be for the remote control and 4 for the vehicle.

Glow Plug Igniter - If you did not purchase a starter kit, you will need a glow plug igniter to run your vehicle. Most hobby shops in your area sell them or you should contact the dealer that sold you the vehicle.

Loctite - Use blue Loctite on all metal screws going into metal.

Air Filter Oil - Use Air Filter oil on the air filter to keep dust and debris from entering your engine. This can be purchased at most hobby shops in your area.


What do you need for Electric Vehicles? Your vehicle has everything you need except for the following.

AA Batteries - You will need 8 AA batteries for the remote control.

Vehicle Battery Charging - You should charge the vehicle battery that was included for at least 8 hours prior to use.

The information listed below is a more detailed setup of Nitro Vehicles.

It is very important that you follow the guides below exactly and do a full break in of your vehicles along with Loctite the screws,  oil your air filter and more.  All of this information can be found in the first guide below. If you do not do proper break-in of the vehicle, it can cause damage to the engine.

  NEW HOW TO VIDEOS are now available. These videos were created for the new nitro user. Step by step videos to show all aspects of  running your video for the first time.  Click To View
  View the NITRO Quick Start Guide for help with setup. 
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