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Redcat forced to change its tradename due to infringement!

March 31, 2011 11:58pm

Phoenix, AZ March 31 - Redcat Racing is forced to give up the name Redcat Racing due to a copyright issue that has been in litigation for over two years.  "In early 2009, we were informed by a Brazilian company that the Redcat Racing brand was already being used and that we were infringing on their Brazilian tradename and mark." Says Darin Oreman owner of Redcat Racing. "We attempted to work out the issue with them by offering to buy the tradename in which they were interested at first.  We had finalized the payment plan, but the Brazilian company continued to try and milk us out of more fees and payments.  The recent changes that have occurred over the last few weeks have been utterly dissapointing to say the least.  We have received formal notice that if the name is not changed by June 1st, 2011 that legal action will occur.  We have discussed the issue with our attorney Mr. Beau Vynezarkuhl III Esquire and we were informed that the legal ramifications and expense will cause great damage in the long term for Redcat."

Redcat Racing is a United States Corporation with offices and warehouses located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Redcat has been known for value priced remote control vehicles from 1/24 in size up to the Rampage 1/5 scale vehicles. Since 2005 Redcat has been using the tradename of Redcat Racing and has built a dealer network around the world.

The official new name and logo for the company starting June 1st, 2011 will be Redcow Racing. The Redcat website logo had to be changed immediately at time of signing the agreement on March 31.  Darin Oreman adds - "When deciding on a new tradename we wanted to choose something that had a similar amount of letters and was also an animal so that the confusion this will occur would be limited.  Though we were very partial to Redbull Racing, we felt that getting into another copywrite fight was not worth while, so the Redcow Racing name was the next best option.   We are a little concerned about how this will go over with our 500 dealers worldwide and all Redcat owners, but we are confident that with the right launch of the new name and logo that it will be succesful.  We are expecting many shipments in the next few months and we are confident that our dealers will support the change and help to moove the inventory into the market."

 Contact: darin@redcatracing.com