Aftermarket HopUp Parts Request Form

If you are a manufacturer offering aftermarket / hopup parts for Redcat vehicles and would like to have your site listed on, please review the below requirements and then complete the submission form. 

Requirements for Listing Your Site on

  1. Legitimate Business: To be eligible for listing on, you must operate as a legitimate business and maintain valid business credentials such as a business license, tax ID, or reseller certificate.

  2. Ecommerce Website: You must maintain and operate an ecommerce website capable of accepting and fulfilling secure online transactions. Please note that third-party selling platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and others, are not permitted for this listing.

  3. Product Descriptions: Your product descriptions can not use Redcat trademarks or trade names as the name of your product. Example; if you make a continental kit for the Redcat FiftyNine, you can not call this item the Redcat FiftyNine Continental Kit, because you are not Redcat. Instead these items should be titled something like, RC Continental Kit, compatible with the Redcat FiftyNine.

  4. Product Listings: It is required that you create and maintain dedicated product listing pages, collection pages, or search results specifically showcasing your aftermarket parts compatible with each Redcat vehicle. These listing pages should only display aftermarket parts that are compatible with specific Redcat vehicles and should not include other products not compatible with the selected Redcat vehicle. 

  5. Compliance: Failure to comply with these requirements will result in your submission being disregarded or taken down. 

Please review these requirements carefully before proceeding with the submission form below.