Redcat SixtyFour - Radio Firmware Update Instructions

The following are instructions for how to update the firmware on your LR6X radio, which is the radio that comes with the SixtyFour.

You can think of the firmware as the operating system for your radio. Any time we want to add or remove features from the radio, there needs to be a firmware update. Updating your firmware is to be attempted by advanced users only, it is highly recommended that you are familiar with how to adjust all the parameters of your radio before proceeding.

Updating your firmware requires an LR6X radio, the USB update cable that ships with the car and radio, a bind plug, a PC with an available USB port, and the firmware update file, which can be downloaded here
The firmware version screen will show you which version of the firmware is on your radio. Currently, the latest update was on March 12, 2021


This latest version adds functionality to take channel 4 off of the minimum and maximum switches, so that you can use it as an auxiliary channel that won’t move when you hit the switch to hop.  To check your firmware version, go to the system menu, then scroll down to “firmware version”, and hit enter. If your screen doesn’t look like the one above, it’s time to update!

The first thing you should do is take a photo of the endpoints on your radio, as the firmware update may wipe all existing settings from your radio. Please note these settings are different for each car, so do not use these as a guide:


Next, you will need to locate the USB cable that came with your radio, it looks like this.


The cable plugs into the port on the back of the radio. Be careful, it only goes in one way! The other end of this cable goes into a free USB port on your computer.


Now you will want to put the radio into “firmware update mode”




Once the radio is in firmware update mode, and plugged into the PC, when you open the firmware update file, you’ll see a screen like this.  If the radio is configured correctly, and your PC recognizes that it’s plugged in, it will show up in this window.


Click on the radio in the list of one, then click update. Do not unplug the radio or turn it off while the update is in progress, or you are likely to turn your radio into a relatively expensive paper weight.

Once your update has completed successfully, if you drill down into the functions menu, go to mixes, you will find there is a new mix, #4. By default this mix is off, which disconnects CH4 from the raise front and drop front switches. Turning it on gives these switches authority over both channel 3 and channel 4

Now go back in and put your channel reverse settings and endpoints back where they were. You may need to re-bind the radio to the car as well, which is similar to any other car. Just turn the radio off, put a bind plug in the last slot of the receiver, then turn your transmitter back on while holding the bind button on the front.

That’s it! Enjoy your new firmware, and be sure to show us what you control with Channel 4!