For Immediate Release

March 31, 2023

For Immediate Release

In 2023 Redcat has already released multiple new vehicles and overall the feedback has been exceptional.

Our first launch of 2023 was the Gen9. Although the body is a replica of the International Scout 800A, we have heard some say otherwise. 

A YouTube comment from Harry Buttes who resides in Hershey, PA said "the Gen9 body is asinine cause it’s not a Jeep". 

Commenter Peter Longfellow from Bald Knob, WV says "I love the deep interior of the Gen9 but when I tried to put my Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 9 inch action figure inside it would not fit no matter how hard I tried." “We feel your pain” says the Redcat engineering team.

The RDS 1/10 Scale Drift Car was our next launch and includes a full carbon fiber chassis, aluminum cased gyro and many more features. Jeff Daniels from Simpleton, IA commented "the scale of the car body is totally dumb and cannot get any dumber and I will never buy one because it just isn't right for me." We asked what he did not like and he mentioned he was looking to purchase a 1/24 scale drift car.

Redcat is proud to announce their latest edition to their 2023 RC Lineup!

We have learned from a few other releases this year and we listened to our customers. 

We are proud to offer the MOST REALISTIC SCALE RC vehicle ever produced!

From the outer shell texture, to the color and performance, we believe that no other RC vehicle has been able to achieve what we have.

The owner of Redcat says “We had our eyes on all other brands. The SP-ud is sure to mash the competition when it comes to looks and bake all contenders in a heads up race”.

Introducing the SP-ud designed in Idaho