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1964 Impala Body Kit(Clear)(1pc)

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LRH285 CHASSIS, SixtyFour

1964 Impala Clear Body Kit

Super glue or hot glue required to mount some plastic injected parts.

Screws included for bumper mounting

The body is a 5 piece body and requires painting and quality double sided tape such as 3M VHB (Model 4910).  Recommended width  of tape should be 1/2" for easiest installation.

Assembly time differs based on experience with modeling.  Estimated assembly time after painting can average from 3 to 10 hours.

SixtyFour Body Kit Manual

 1/10 Scale Car Body

Length - 20.5" or 520.7mm

Width - 9.2" or 233.68mm

Height - 5" or 127mm

Wheelbase - 11.3" or 287mm