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Are you ready to be part of history? Redcat proudly presents the world’s first RTR RC Bed Dancing Mini Truck—the Founders Edition Bed Dancer! As we approach the final design phase, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

This page has been created to allow you to put down a $100.00 deposit towards the purchase of the REDCAT FOUNDERS EDITION BED DANCER. which will be shipping later this year or early next year, as well as grant you access to a private Redcat Bed Dancer - Official BTS (Behind the Scenes) Facebook group where we will share proprietary information about this exciting product and solicit feedback from the community.

The REDCAT FOUNDERS EDITION BED DANCER will be a special edition Bed Dancer exclusively available to customers and Redcat dealers who place pre-orders for the FOUNDERS EDITION. Note to Redcat Dealers - Do not place an order on this site. You will receive an email with dealer details.


  1. Exclusive Access: When you pre-order the Redcat Founders Edition Bed Dancer, you’ll gain entry to our private Behind the Scenes (BTS) Facebook Group. Here, we’ll share exclusive content, including behind the scenes glimpses of the project’s development.
  2. Community Collaboration: Your voice matters! As a member of the BTS group, you’ll have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on critical design decisions. From body color to finishing touches, your opinions count.
  3. Secure Your Spot: By adding the BTSPREORDER item to your cart and completing the checkout process, you secure your place in line. This transaction will serve as a qualifying deposit of $100.00 (plus sales tax) toward your FOUNDERS EDITION BED DANCER.


Q: What’s the Price?

A: While we don’t have the final price yet, rest assured, the price will not exceed $700.00. Final price is determined by many different factors including finalized packaging, chrome/gold parts, chosen electronics & any additional changes to the final design prior to production.

Q: What is the cut off date for Pre-Orders?

A: The cutoff date is determined when everything is approved for production. We expect this date to be between September 2024 through December 2024.

Q: What is the Release Date / Delivery Schedule?

A: The final delivery schedule has not yet been established but will be openly discussed and updated as part of the ongoing conversations being held in the Redcat Bed Dancer - Official Behind the Scenes (BTS) Facebook Group.

While we don't yet have a final production schedule, our plan will be to make the exclusive FOUNDERS EDITION available to the pre-order community by the end of this year or early next year. We will then follow up and release the STANDARD EDITION Bed Dancer approximately 60 days later.

Q: What happens if I change my mind; can I cancel my pre-order and have my deposit refunded?

A: YES, you can request a refund up until the cutoff date which is yet to be determined. Please note: requesting a refund will cancel your pre-order and revoke access to the BTS group.

Q: Pre-Order Limits?

A: No limits! Order as many as you’d like.

Q: Can I use Redcat Rewards Points or other discount codes towards the cost of my Bed Dancer?

A: Yes. However, if you later request a refund (prior to the cut off date) these points and/or coupons will not be returned.

Q: If I'm paying for exclusive information, can I share the info publicly?

A: No. You are not actually paying for the information. The $100 is a Pre-Order deposit that is going towards your purchase of the FOUNDERS EDITION Bed Dancer. Exclusive access to the Facebook group is our way of thanking you for having interest in this project and believing in our business. We give you special behind the scenes access to the creation of the bed dancer as well as giving you a platform to voice your opinions and ideas about the project. We value your opinions and also value you as a whole. We ask in return that you will value our process and join us in keeping the details of this project on the down-low. We hope you will find excitement in being an exclusive part in the creation of such a unique RC vehicle.


  • Confidentiality: Please respect the privacy of our BTS group. Any public sharing of information from the private Facebook group may result in removal. However, until the cutoff date (yet to be determined), you can decide whether to remain in line for your pre-order or request a refund.