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Redcat Gen 9 Trail Truck - 1/10 Scale International Harvester Scout 800A

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GEN9 Scout 800A 1/10 Electric RC Scale Trail Truck- Includes: 2.4Ghz Radio, Ready to Run, Battery and Charger Not Included



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  • Redcat Gen 9 Trail Truck - 1/10 Scale International Harvester Scout 800A
  • Redcat Gen 9 Trail Truck - 1/10 Scale International Harvester Scout 800A

If you’re looking for a RTR trail truck with unlimited potential, you’ve found it with the Gen9. We’ve been designing a lot of our own vehicles lately and the Gen9 is a great example of our ingenuity and obsession with detail. Loaded with important features, the Gen9 has a two speed transmission, newly designed portal axles, precision suspension geometry with zero bump steer, new high grip tires, high torque steering servo, adjustable wheelbase and a highly detailed body with a rear pivot mounting design.

When you look at the Gen9, you can’t help but notice the meticulously crafted officially licensed International Scout 800A body. The body is molded in three separate pieces which allows for a more realistic full depth interior. The body is internally braced and uses a rear locking pivot mechanism with dual quarter turn fasteners up front. This system reliably secures the body in place and provides easy removal when needed. The sides of the body tuck neatly into the injection molded plastic rock sliders for minimal hang ups over jagged rocks. We’ve also included many injection molded plastic details that really make this body really stand out.

On the interior you’ll find an injection molded dash, seats, pedals, shifters, door levers, window cranks, removable steering wheel and we’ve even added a turn signal lever on the steering column. The exterior includes an injection molded roll cage, rock sliders, bumpers, side view mirrors, door handles, windshield wipers, front grill, headlight buckets and taillight buckets. This is one highly detailed body.

The Gen9 has been designed to accept 14 LED lights out of the box. While the lights are sold separately, there’s a spot for two dash lights, four headlights, two taillights, two reverse lights, and four rock lights located inside the fender wells. All the mounting hardware is included, so it’ll be a breeze to set the Gen9 up for night time crawling.

The gen9 includes a two speed transmission which provides loads of versatility over many different types of terrain. First gear gives the driver ultimate control over difficult obstacles, while second gear allows the driver to blast through trails at double the speed. Shifting gears is as easy as pressing a button on the included transmitter. The heavy duty transmission uses a 32P spur gear and a lockable adjustable slipper clutch. The pinion and spur gears are enclosed so they are kept safe from rocks and debris. The transmission, transfer case and portal axles all have MOD1 internal gears for superior strength and durability. The Gen9 also has a front mounted 550 size brushed motor and a divorced transfer case to put the weight where it’s needed.

We’ve gone overboard and installed a very powerful steering servo in the Gen9. The new Hexfly Torque-Spec coreless digital steering servo is mounted to a 1.5mm steel C-channel chassis and is designed specifically for trail crawling. Using the stock ESC, The Torque-Spec servo provides an impressive 25Kg of steering authority right out the box. If upgraded to an 8.4V BEC power system, this servo is capable of an amazing 42Kg of steering torque. That’s a lot of steering power. Unlike many RTR trail trucks on the market, even if you plan on replacing the power system one day, there is absolutely no need to upgrade this steering servo.

The Gen9 uses new portal axles along with a specially designed panhard bar to completely eliminate bump steer and axle sway. This allows the driver to take more precise lines and ultimately have more vehicle control. Portal axles provide more ground clearance without needing bigger tires. On the GEN9, much of the gear reduction happens inside the portal axles, which means less chassis torque twist than traditional axle shaft driven trail trucks. The new portal axles provide 54.5mm of ground clearance and include metal gear covers, metal wheel hexes, CNC machined spools and captured shock mounts.

These new universal style axles have a one piece front housing and they provide loads of steering and durability. They are much stronger than previous axle designs and may be the strongest axles we’ve built yet.

Tires are just one of those things that many hobbyists end up replacing on their new RTR trail trucks, but not on the Gen9. True to scale, licensed Interco SS M-16 tires and functional beadlock wheels pull the Gen9 through the toughest terrains. These tires have an aggressive tread pattern and are in a high grip compound, so they should perform exceptionally well on rocks and trails alike. These tires are right in the sweet spot of grippiness and squish, for crawling, and stability for faster paced trail riding.

Each of the M-16 tires is mounted to a beadlock rim which utilizes inner and outer aluminum beadlock rings for maximum strength and tire holding capability. The beadlocks have the addition of an interchangeable decorative plastic ring that fits over the functional metal beadlock ring, which provides the driver with the possibility of customizing the look of their wheel while maintaining maximum performance. We look forward to seeing all of the 3-D printed outer rings that will be showcased on customer’s social media posts.

The GEN9 makes you look good while conquering large obstacles and steep inclines. The stock configuration offers users 80mm of chassis ground clearance, a 63.5 degree approach angle and a 53 degree departure angle. This means the Gen9 may be completing obstacles while some of its competitors are getting hung up at the first incline. We’ve put in the work with this newly designed Gen9 trail truck so that you can let the Gen9 do the work for you. There are so many exciting features and an incredible attention to detail. We can’t wait to see this thing making its way through scale competitions. The Gen9 International Scout 800A is a great choice for anyone looking for a high performance trail truck with limitless potential directly out of the box.


  • Gen9: Fully Assembled
  • Motor/ESC: Brushed 550 motor / 40A Brushed
  • Steering Servo: Hexfly Torque-Spec Coreless Digital. 25Kg-6V & 42Kg-8.4V
  • Radio: 4 Channel 2.4GHz radio system
  • Chassis: 1.5mm Thick Steel C-Channel Frame Rails
  • Drive System: 4-Wheel-Drive, Front Mounted Motor
  • Transmission: 2-Speed with Lockable Slipper Clutch
  • Transfer Case: Divorced, Centrally Mounted
  • Length: 523mm Stock
  • Wheelbase: 312mm - 336mm Adjustable
  • Chassis Ground Clearance: 80mm
  • Axle Ground Clearance: 54.5mm
  • Approach angle: 63.5 degrees
  • Departure angle: 53 degrees
  • Suspension: 4-Link Rear and 3-Link Front with Panhard Bar
  • Shocks: 95mm Adjustable Coilover Threaded Aluminum Body
  • Axles: Portal Axles with CNC aluminum spools, single piece front housing with metal gear cover, and front universal joints.
  • Wheels: 1.9in True Beadlocks
  • Tires: Fully Licensed Interco SS M-16 Tires in a high grip compound

Needed to complete:

  • Battery and Charger
  • AA Batteries for Transmitter
Tech Specs

Engine / Motor

17T RC550 Brushed Motor



Drive System

4 Wheel Drive

Gear Ratio

1st Gear = 74.82:1 / 2nd Gear = 31.61:1







Servo Type

Hi-Torque Servo for Steering


312mm Stock (312-336mm Adjustable)

Ground Clearance


Chassis Type

1.5mm Thick C-Channel Frame Rails

Wheel Width


Wheel Diameter



Aluminum Body Oil Filled Shocks

Speed Control Type

40a Brushed Waterproof ESC

Radio System

2.4GHz Radio System

Dry Weight

8 lbs (3.682 kg)


Not Included

Needed to Run

4-AA Batteries for Transmitter - 2S-3S LIPO or 5-9 Cell NIMH Battery - Battery Charger


Officially licensed International Harvester Scout 800A. Detailed body with full interior, clear windshield, molded grill, side mirrors, door handles, rock sliders, and wipers. Images below are shown with optional included decal graphics.


Servo operated 2 speed transmission enables shifting between two different gear ratios allowing you to easily adjust the speed vs torque to adapt to the conditions of the trail.


With the Redcat Gen9 you no longer have to over tighten your slipper clutch just to lock the drivetrain. Simply remove the two slipper pads and springs and reassemble and enjoy a completely locked drivetrain.


Highly detailed realistic LED lighting hardware allows for up to 14 LED lights to be installed. The Gen9 Scout 800A comes with four LED headlight mounts, two LED taillight mounts, two reverse light mounts, two dash LED mounts and four ‘rock lights’ inside the fender wells for might navigation. 


Quarter turn fasteners at the front, combined with a hinge at the rear allow for easy removal and installation of the body. Includes traditional body post mounting system for alternate bodies and configurations. 


Easily adjust your wheelbase from 312-336mm (12.3”-13.2”)

Adjust the suspension of the Gen9 with the aluminum threaded shocks. Each corner of the Redcat Gen9 has 9 mounting holes to allow you to fine tune the suspension for your particular needs.


Portal axles give more ground clearance without needing bigger tires. On the Gen9, more of the gear reduction happens in the portal axles, which means less torque twist in the body than with a traditional axle. 


Chassis mounted Hexfly Torque-Spec coreless digital steering servo is specifically designed for trail crawling. The new Torque-Spec servo includes a metal servo horn, hard anodized metal gears, and an aluminum center case.

Steel beadlocks are secretly mounted to a 1.9” chromed plastic wheel. A screw-on plastic beadlock and wheel nut cover provides the final realist touch. 

Scale replica of the high performance SS M16 tire from Interco


The Gen9 makes it easy to conquer all types of terrain. 

INTERNATIONAL, and other International truck trademarks are licensed by International Truck Intellectual Property Company LLC. Interco, SS M16 Trademarks are licensed by Interco Tire Corporation.