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Redcat SixtyFour RC Car - Gold Digger - Special Edition 1:10 1964 Chevrolet Impala Hopping Lowrider

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Special Edition - Gold Digger - 1/10 Scale 1964 Chevrolet Impala Lowrider / Hopper



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  • Redcat SixtyFour RC Car - Gold Digger - Special Edition 1:10 1964 Chevrolet Impala Hopping Lowrider
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SixtyFour Gold Digger Special Edition

This special edition Sixtyfour is wearing every bit of gold she could find and is dressed to impress. Topless and dancing for the crowd, this Sixtyfour’s beauty is captivating. All eyes are on her as she quickly becomes the center of attention, wanted by all who gaze. She loves to show off her dazzling beauty. She is the Gold Digger, a special edition Sixtyfour.

The Gold Digger is a special edition SixtyFour RC lowrider that's sure to mesmerize hobbyists and automotive enthusiasts alike. Our special edition vehicles are produced in limited quantities and are considered by many to be collector’s items. This is because once the limited quantity of these special edition vehicles are sold out, We will no longer produce any of that particular vehicle variant. While somewhat similar variants of the SixtyFour hopping lowriders may be released in the future, we will never produce another Gold Digger. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

This particular special edition Sixtyfour, the Gold Digger, is perhaps the most lavish variant of our fully functional hopping lowriders yet with its eye-catching black body, plethora of gold accents and stunning special edition decal sheet. As with all Redcat SixtyFour vehicles, it still dazzles the crowd with its breathtaking design, patented front suspension hopping system and authentic lowrider performance.

The Gold Digger is adorned with lavish gold details that make it a true showstopper. From officially licensed gold Dayton Wheels to a gold chassis, frame rails, and an array of other golden components, this special edition SixtyFour brings luxury to the world of radio-controlled cars. It's not just an RC car; it's an experience.

The SixtyFour lowrider, upon which the Gold Digger is based, meticulously captures the essence of the classic 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS. We’d designed the SixtyFour with unwavering attention to detail, staying true to the original vehicle's styling and the Gold Digger features a special black body trimmed with gold foil decals and gold color plated molded plastic parts. An optional livery decal set is included for added bling. Check out the optional LED light kit (sold separately) for night time cruising.

Beneath the stunning exterior, the Gold Digger is decked out with many upgraded, aftermarket gold parts, such as a gold chassis, frame rails, steering tray, steering rack, steering arms, toe links, suspension arms, steering wheel, front lifting bellcranks, trunk pan, exhaust, transmission case, gear cover, rear axle housing assembly, center drive shaft, officially licensed Dayton wheels and included magnetic body mounting system. The SixtyFour is built for slow cruising and performing tricks that can only be achieved with a specially designed suspension. Using specialty servos and precision weight bias, it replicates the driving style and overall look of a full sized lowrider / hopper.

The Redcat Gold Digger special edition SixtyFour is a fully functional hopping Lowrider that is ready-to-run, complete with a six channel radio, battery and charger.

The SixtyFour is equipped with the LR6X six-channel 2.4GHz radio system, specially designed with lowrider-style switches for an authentic driving experience. Outfitted specifically for use with RC lowriders, this radio's buttons, levers, and switches allow the driver to perform realistic hopping and lowrider tricks, mirroring the controls of a full-sized hydraulically operated lowrider.

Get this absolutely gorgeous special edition SixtyFour while supplies last.

Vehicle Specifications

  • SixtyFour: Fully Functional Hopping Lowrider
  • Gold Digger Special Edition Parts:Gold Chassis, Gold Frame Rails, Gold Steering Tray, Gold Steering Rack, Gold Steering Arms, Gold Toe Links, Gold Suspension Arms, Gold Steering Wheel, Gold Front Lifting Bellcranks, Gold Trunk Pan, Gold Exhaust, Gold Transmission Case, Gold Gearcover, Gold Rear Axle Housing Assembly, Gold Center Drive Shaft, Gold Dayton Wheels, Black Top Down Body, Gold Body Accessories and Gold Body Trim. New Magnetic Body Mount Included.
  • Body: Officially Licensed 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS w/ the Top Removed, Trimmed in Black and Gold.
  • Motor/ESC: Brushed Motor & ESC
  • Servos: 4 total. 25KG Rear Axle Servos (2pcs), High Speed REEFS RC Hopping Servo (1pc), Steering Servo (1pc)
  • Radio: LR6X 6 Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System
  • Chassis: Specially Designed Hopping Chassis w/ Detailed Undercarriage
  • Drive System: 2-Wheel-Drive
  • Transmission: Single Speed
  • Suspension: 4 Linked Solid Rear Axle and Independent Front Suspension
  • Wheels: Gold Dayton Spoke Wheels
  • Tires: Authentic White Wall Tires
  • Battery and Charger: Included 7.2V 3800mAh Ni-Mh Battery Pack and USB Charger

Needed to Complete

  • AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • Minor Assembly on Body Details

Mechanical Features

  • Patented vehicle hopping system – U.S. Patent No. 11,083,973
  • Real-time adjustable ride height
  • Ultra fast custom made REEFS RC Hopping Servo
  • Two 25KG rear axle height adjustment servos

Radio Features

  • 6-Channel LR6X Radio control with lowrider style switches
  • Individual switches for each of the 3 height adjustment servos
  • Momentary switches for raising either the front or rear to max ride height / hopping
  • Momentary buttons for lowering either the front or rear to minimum ride height
  • Redcat SixtyFour - Radio Firmware Update Instructions


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Chevrolet, Impala, all related emblems, and vehicle body designs are General Motors Trademarks used under license to Redcat Racing

Tech Specs

Vehicle Scale



Forward & Reverse


519mm (20.5")


223mm (9.2")


145mm (5.7")

Servo Type

4 Servos - Reefs Hopping Servo - Two Rear Lifting Servos - 1 Steering Servo


287mm (11.3")

Speed Control Type

40a Brushed ESC with 5a 7.4v BEC

Radio System

Custom Designed LR6X - 6-Channel Radio with Lowrider Controls


3800mAh NIMH with USB Charger

Needed to Run

4 AA Batteries for Radio